Book a Field Trip

2021 Field Trips dates are limited this year due to COVID. Additional dates will be available as needed and not guaranteed. Select your date and time to book your field trip. Quantity of 1(1 TICKET = 20 participants) is up to 20 participants (adults and children). Book as many as you need. If at different times, groups may arrive together (early); however, finish time will be the later of the two bookings. 

IMPORTANT: 1 ticket per 20 participants (adults and kids) - No exceptions!

Book as many tickets as you need to fit the size of your group.

     1-20 participants (1 ticket), 21-40 participants (2 tickets),

     41-60 participants (3 tickets), etc

If you cannot come see us in person, please look at our Field Trip In-A-Bag so your students may still experience the fun of fall and pumpkins! 

Would you like to add custom goodie bags for the kids to take home? Add field trip in-a-bag to your in-person field trip and we will send home a Bobby Dazzler bag with your chosen goodies! See Field Trip In-A-Bag for details.

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