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Covid Protocols

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Current Mask Policy is governed by the state and local policies. We will update as they do starting mid September and as needed.


Currently masks are not required outdoors and we do not have any indoor facilities.

Please social distance when possible.


Cow Train

The Cow Train is sanitized between each ride with a battery operated fogging sanitizer. This allows us to mist the entire train in a sanitizer. It then sits for a few minutes to dry and take effect before you are loaded into the next train. ​Hand sanitizers are available at the entrance and exit of the attraction. 

Milo Trail 

The Milo Trail use to be a maze and is now transformed into a one way path to prevent visitors from crossing paths. If multiple people want to enter at same time we will space them according to maintain social distancing. If people are in sight please keep your mask on. Hand sanitizers are available at the entrance and exit of the attraction.


Wagons - our wagons are sprayed or fogged between each use with a sanitizing solution. The wagons placed in the pickup area before the entrance are clean and ready to go! 

Hand Sanitizers

We have placed Hand sanitizers at the entrance and exit of the patch as well as all of our attractions. 

​Hand sanitizer pumps are checked multiple times a day. The pump themselves are also sanitized using wipes to ensure touched surfaces are cleaned regularly. 


We only have portapotties available. Bathrooms are sanitized using a fogging sanitizing machine or sprayer every few hours, pending how busy we are. 

Hand washing stations using a foot pump are also available at our restrooms.


Hand sanitizer is available. 

If restrooms need attention, please let a staff member know.


We ask you kindly respect social distancing when in lines for pumpkin checkout, ticket booth, cow train, etc. We have placed plexiglass sneeze guards in front of all of our cashiers.We have also purchased touch-less credit card machines so you can insert or tap your card. These also accept apple pay if you prefer to not use a physical card. If you do not want to select receipt type or touch the machine to finish, our cashier will happily help.  

Employee Health

Employees are asked to sanitizer or wash their hands regularly. 

Employees are asked to stay home if they are running a fever or have new symptoms associated with COVID.

All employees are required to wear masks. Gloves are available for them, if desired or when picking up after customers (trash, bathrooms, etc). 


We have tried to take Covid concerns and safety measures seriously. We have looked over county and state guidelines and put them into place. If you feel like you need more clarification or have any questions or concerns, please contact us. email:  text or call: 530-867-4167Thank youManagement