Please choose your bag option (reusable grab bag or drawstring backpack).

Item description includes what is included in each bag with additional pictures.

Add the quantity of pumpkins needed.

Then build your bag! We have numerous items that can be added into your bags to give to your students. 

Minimum order is 10.

Please note your quantity for ALL items should be the same i.e., 20 bags, 20 pumpkins, 20 add-on. You may split your add-ons i.e., 10 paint kits and 10 sticker kits. In this example 10 bags would get sticker kits and 10 would get paint. Custom orders are available please email or call 530-867-4167, if you need assistance ordering.

Build Your Bag


Items below should be equal in quantity to your bag order.

Items will be placed inside bag unless otherwise requested.