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We Are Excited to See You Fall of 2021

Bobby Dazzler's Pumpkin Patch is located in Yolo County between Davis and Woodland.

​Take Highway 113, exit ROAD 29 and follow the signs

West side of freeway, take the frontage road (road 99d) heading north


Over 150 varieties of Pumpkin and Squash in all shapes and colors 

Red ~ Pink ~ Orange ~ Yellow ~ Green ~ Blue ~ Grey ~ Black

Pumpkins are as tiny as a chicken egg to over 100 pounds


2021 will bring our farm Christmas trees! We plan to carry both Douglas and Noble fir trees. Our trees will range from 2 feet to 10 feet with the majority being around 7 feet tall. 

Pumpkin Picking

We have approximately 8 acres of pumpkins for your picking pleasure! You will find pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors ready to decorate your home for fall. 

Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Orange and mix. Its like getting a bag of skittles; collect the rainbow.

Milo Maze

Don't let the size fool you! We lose more adults than kids! The Milo Maze is approximately 2.5 acres in size and 5' tall. 

Want to lose yourself for an hour?

This is the place for you. 
Want to lose your kids for an hour?

This works too! 

The maze takes an average of 20-40 minutes to complete depending on your navigation skills.  We've had some run through it in 15 minutes and others over an hour.

OUR TIP: Listen to the kids - their sense of direction is better then your over-thinking! OR If you want to lose your kid for an hour take charge till you get them into the middle and leave! 

We ask you please be respectful of the Milo it does not appreciate being trampled. Please stay on the paths and ENJOY!

Cow Train

Thrill Ride full of Bridges, Bumps and Boos

Come ride our cow train - the cows leisurely wander through our corn trails decorated for your Halloween delight - over some bridges to have some fun at high tractor speeds. 

Not for the faint of heart, pregnant, or anyone whose body aches. It is a very bumpy ride. Must be 1 year of age to ride. Lap riders under 34".

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