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If you would like to request a private event outside of business hours, please email for a quote. If you are looking for a school Field Trip, click HERE.

Events are any get together of a group of people. This includes, but not limited to birthday parties, employee parties, etc. 

To Book an event, please select the date and time. The event will have details of what is included. Activities and add-ons can be customized to fit your needs. Please email or call with any questions or help with booking. Weekday (Monday through Friday) events are automatically scheduled from 3pm-7pm however you may start at any time within that time frame, if access prior is needed please inquire. We close at 7pm. Most weekend events are scheduled 10am-2pm, 12pm-4 pm ,or 3pm-7pm.  This is the total time the tent area is reserved for you, please keep in mind party start time if you plan to decorate or setup. Area must be clear by end time. 

Note: when you are booking 1 party group = 1 ticket. You DO NOT need 1 ticket per person. Click your date/time desired, then 1 for ticket. The ticket simply reserves the party space for you. Please continue to Fill out the form and check out. Email, Text/Call with any questions.

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